Simi Monheit: A Room of My Own


Simi Monheit, a native of Brooklyn, New York, moved to the Bay Area eleven years ago to play in the High Tech arena of Silicon Valley. A victim of the economic fallout of 2008-2009, she found herself finally able to indulge her curiosity about the world of writing. Naturally enough, she discovered Laura's workshops through the internet and has participated in both the Wednesday and Friday classes, where she frequently writes stories about growing up in Brooklyn in her very distinctive Brooklyn voice. Simi loves the people she ... [Continue Reading]

Beginner’s Mind

“Every time I start on a new book, I am a beginner again. I doubt myself, I grow discouraged, all the work accomplished in the past is as though it never was. My first drafts are so shapeless that it seems impossible to go on with the attempt at all, right up until the moment…when it has become impossible not to finish it.” --Simone de Beauvoir, Force of Circumstance

What’s the hardest part of the writing for you?

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10 Things I Know the Truth About: Part 2

A couple of months back, I gave my students assignment, "Write about 10 things you know the real truth about." Once we honed our list of subjects, we wrote wrote a piece that succinctly summarized what we knew about each of the ten topics--what we knew deeply about them. Last month, I shared a couple of the subjects I'd put on my own list. Here's another: how to make peace with a mother you're estranged from. This is a subject I know a lot about, mainly because I've successfully reconciled with (and have an excellent relationship with) my own mother, from whom I was estranged for seven years. I got so interested in the topic of estranged relationships and how to mend them, that I wrote a whole book about it, [Continue Reading]

10 Things I Know the Real Truth About

I gave the assignment in class a couple of weeks ago to, "Write about 10 things you know the real truth about." Once we honed our lists (which was quite a process in and of itself), we wrote lists--or a paragraph that succinctly summarized what we knew about the topic at hand--what we knew deeply. I loved this exercise and wanted to share a couple of the topics I wrote about:

I know the truth about being a famous author:

1. When you are a famous author, people will either adore you, worship you, idealize you, not care about you, not know about you, feel jealous of you, project all their feelings on to you, hate you, blame you, attack you, belittle you, target you or love you. Very ... [Continue Reading]