The Dry Spell

“Lovers, farmers and artists have one thing in common, at least --a fear of 'dry spells,' dormant periods in which we do no blooming, internal droughts only the waters of imagination and psychic release can civilize.” --Gretel Ehrlich "The Solace of Open Spaces"

Tell me about at time you went through a dry spell--and how it ended.

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Laura’s Bali Blog: June 2012

This is the blog I sent home from the first Writer's Journey writing and yoga retreat in Bali, held in June of 2012. I hope that it captures some of incredible magic and beauty that saturates the culture and people of this very special island.

The posts begin when my 15-year-old daughter, Lizzy, and I arrived in Eastern Bali, a week before the retreat participants joined us at our beautiful retreat center perched on the Indian Ocean.

--Laura, June 2012

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