Cathy Krizik: Fall Leaves

Cathy Krizik is a local graphic designer who recently joined my Thursday night feedback class. She wrote this piece in response to the prompt, "Tell me about a pleasurable memory from your childhood," and I thought it was the perfect piece for October. I grew up on the east coast and have wonderful memories of jumping in fall leaves--and this piece reminded me of that crisp chill in the air--what my mother used to call "sweater weather."

Rounding the bend to October, I am reminded of the leaves: great soft, pungent piles of them under the maple tree in the front yard, under the oak in the back, and everywhere in between.

I grew up in New England, ground zero for leaf peepers. In late September and early October temperatures in ... [Continue Reading]

Marketing Your Business as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur: Part I

Last weekend, Rosemary Christian and I cooked an 8-course Balinese feast as part of a reunion of the Bay Area folks who came on my Bali trip last June. Over dinner, we were discussing the fact that next year’s trip is already full, and two of our guests, Judy Slattum of Danu Tours and Karen Zelin, local mindfulness and yoga teacher, joked that they wanted to hire me to teach a class on marketing for ... [Continue Reading]