How You Can Help Laura Bring New Writers to the Writer's Journey Roadmap

An Easy Way You Can Support This Community & Help It To Grow

Dear Roadmap Community Members,

I’ve just learned that the Writer’s Digest annual 101 Best Sites for Writers is generated by reader-submitted nominations. I would LOVE it if all of you would take a moment to send an email to the address below telling them why you value this website and why they should include it in their next compendium of listings of great websites for writers.

Send nominations to with the subject heading “101 Websites.” You’ll need to cut and paste the email address from this page.

The address of the website you should recommend they include in their listing  is:

Thanks for your support!

Laura Davis


  1. Judy says

    Laura, I echo Karla’s comment and wish to ad how special you are as a community builder, writer/educator, kind and gentle soul.

  2. Terry Gibson says

    Laura, I am so grateful for your guidance, patience, kindness, inspired teaching, and the thriving community you have built worldwide. Being a part of it is very special to me: having the opportunity to share and grow with an outstanding group of writers, has left me forever in your debt. Thank you!

  3. Debbie says

    Laura –
    Done and done!! I certainly hope that this blog will gain some of the recognition it deserves. Nowhere on the internet is there a more compassionate and creative community. This is a testament to your unique talent of being able to create a safe place for sharing – even in a “virtual circle”.

  4. says

    Thanks all–I really appreciate this. I’d love to open this circle up far wider of course…enriching our discourse and bringing more diverse voices into our community.

  5. MaryL says

    Please include the following website, an online writing community, in your next 101 Compendium:

    Laura Davis, a prolific writing and instructor, has developed and opened up a wonderful forum for writers, called the Writer’s Roadmap. Writing Prompts come to members each week, and we are encouraged to write and share our responses, and to comment on the writing of other participants. Laura herself reads all the posts and offers her own constructive, compassionate comments as well.

    In addition, members of the group are invited to retreat with Laura to faraway paradise-like settings, as well as to participate virtually from home.

    My commitment to my writing has increased; my excitement about the community, the process, and the sharing confirm to me that I have arrived at the correct location.

    Mary Latela <- I sent the above message to the writersdigest site.

  6. Lee Xanthippe says

    I just sent an email to them!
    I spoke mostly to the quality of the prompts, the site, and the community!
    Best of luck to you!

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