Lower Your Standards

“Lower your standards and keep writing.”

–Willliam Stafford

Write a really bad story, something you know is really bad. Use every cliché or hackneyed phrase you can think of, every boring plot device. Include one-dimensional, predictable characters and lousy dialogue. Cut loose. Have fun writing your really bad story. It will loosen up the perfectionist in you.


  1. vickie says

    The Princess and The Witch
    Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a princess in a beautiful castle. So beautiful was this princess that all the men of the kingdom wished to have her for his own. The princess however; wished for independence and a life filled with travel and exploration. Compelled by her family to comply with convention,the princess sought the counsel of the local witch. What must I do to live the life of my choosing and be freed of all the would be suitors, armed with fairy tales and deception ,designed to garner my affection?
    The witch thought carefully then said,”First we must create a potion that you must take , then you must kiss all who wish your affection. But how will this free me? , she ask. Ah my dear, any who wish to tie you to convention shall fall into a deep sleep and you will then know their intent. I see but still how will this help me to find my dream? Patience little one, you need only to fill your mind with your greatest desire,he who remains awake will be the one who will be happiest when you are happy and will support and encourage you to follow your bliss. You need only to accept his proposal of marriage and all the others will discontinue their pursuit. This will serve all, for your family will be happy that you have chosen a suitor, you will be free to seek your dreams and your husband will be happy to support you in your dreams.
    The princess content with her solution, settled into the search for the perfect suitor.The search began and as the princess entertained each suitor she began to doubt that there would be any who would pass her test . Again she sought the witch,” it seems there is no man who will pass my test what must I do to find my dream?” You simply need to expand your search, for the world is full of would be suitors . I see you are very wise,I will go talk to my mother immediately and prepare to travel in search for my future. Thank you so much , I promise that once I have found my dream I will reward you well. Ah my dear I need only your smile as my reward.
    The princess bid her family farewell and began her search ,traveling far and wide to all the realms of the world in search for her prince. She explored incredible places and discovered wonderful cultures and people, sending home some of the finest examples of art and finery, but alas she was disheartened to find there was no prince. Tired and much older she returned home unhappy to have failed to find her prince. Finally she returned to the witch,” I am so sorry I have no reward for you . I have been to all the world and have seen and experienced many wonderful things, but I return a failure, for I have failed to find my prince.There is no one left to kiss and none have passed the test now what can I do?” The witch simply smiled and said,” how sad you have lived a life of independence and filled with travel and exploration, but still you have no suitor.” The princess astonished at his words began to smile ,” You are so right I have lived the very life that I had dreamed of , oh how foolish I have been . Thank you ,Thank you so much for your wisdom.” She jumped up from her seat and in her excitement she kissed the witch full on the lips. He smiled and graciously said,” thank you my lady your happiness has always been my greatest reward.”
    The celebration rang out throughout the kingdom and the all lived happily ever after. The End.

  2. Tempered Ashes says

    Once upon a time, there was a young girl. She couldn’t stand being used so she married a fairy princess. She still couldn’t stand being used, so she divorced and married a prince. This worked out well and Ken and Barbie had a threesome with the cola man and they all lived happily ever after.

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