1. Stefanie Graves says

    Questions that have informed my life.

    Where is my sense of compassion for others? This question has always informed me in my work as a nurse and in my attempts to understand others in difficult situations. This question also speaks to me of the differences in cultures, ways of life than what I know.

    What is a disability? I grew up with a mother who was physically disabled and a father who was deaf, and over a period of 20 years I became deaf myself. So I have spent my life investigating that defines a disability and what it really means.

    What is your passion? Discovering my passion for art, nurturing its growth within me, and giving it a prominent place in my life has been a journey of discovery over much of my adult life. This journey has taken me to where I am today to the place where I claim the title of “artist” as a defining moniker.

    How do I resolve conflict? Threaded through the other parts of my life, this particular question has played an important role in shaping my person. It has been a powerful learning experience to give me important tools of survival and better relations with others.

    Who do you love and who loves you? Not an easy question, but one that has been important in determining friends, lovers, relationships. It is an on-going, never fully answered question.

    • Tammy Tucker Weston says

      Stefanie…seems to me you have learned how to apply the difficult lessons you have learned in a positive way

  2. Nikki Di Virgilio says

    The Five Questions that Move My Life:

    1. How can I be free?
    2. What is my purpose?
    3. What am I afraid of?
    4. Who am I?
    5. What is true and real?

  3. Tammy Tucker Weston says

    ‘My Favorite Color Was Yellow”
    I watched my daughter not knowing that the beautiful gown she placed in the closet will be the very last clothing my body will know from this world.
    She remembered my favorite color of yellow that I shared with her as a small child. Now I see the colors of my life coming together as one. The many dimensions that make up who I am. Once offering the world small pieces,
    now together and complete. This is the obituary of my life. To expose the details which have completed the person hopefully to have anything worth leaving behind to offer this world. Looking back, the trail seemed so long to travel, passing so many crossroads, today I see the end. Although time I do not need, I do want it. Yearning to share all of the trials I have met learning to stand, staring right back at my fears. Today I will call upon all the strength I have collected from my many walks throughout life.
    I along with most everyone else believed life would go on forever, at least my life. Now I look back in wonder how could so many people intertwine in and out of my world leaving me changed. There is a different song for every person that has affected my life. In my eternity I will long to hear the music play that made me stop and recall those people and how much they meant to me. I have learned that mistakes made through out life are a special gift. We all have to make our own, the experience alone is priceless. I would have to say my Grandchildren were one of the most important people I had the honor to meet. Those three little girls taught me something I would not allow anyone else to. They not only showed me that there is a love that does not have to be spotted with pain. They taught me through out their young lives that most anything is simple, we take everyday life way too serious, and how being a kid again can actually be obtained. I look back upon the world I have known for more than fifty years, seeing how you changed with me. We flowed together. Sometimes I hated you. Now I will miss you. I hope you will think of me once in awhile. Graciously receiving the small contribution I made to you and ask you to pass it on. Keep me alive in all you do. Find humor in most you do, mine got me through my life. Listen closely every now and again, my voice you can hear, but now it can only be heard inside your head. Maybe once in awhile when you see a yellow rose upon my grave, you will know I am allowed to remember you. As long as you cherish me, memories of me are not dead.

  4. Sunny Shaw says

    1. Who is God?
    2. How can a problem be solved efficiently?
    3. How can the electro-chemical process of thought be explained at the physiological layer?
    4. What is the next step (in any process, including possible consequences)?
    5. How do individuality and experience determine/influence learning and creativity?

  5. JW James says

    Where can I be myself?
    How can I fill my need to belong to something larger than myself?
    Who, what, where is God?
    Do I stay or go?
    Is it love?

  6. Dawn Ford says

    1. What did you do with the gifts and talents I gave you?
    I’d be evaluating what I did against the mission God gave me. Did I procrastinate? Did I finally gain discipline? Did I push through my fear, fight it? Did I accomplish my/His goals?

    2. What legacy did I leave behind? Where did I go? What did I do? Where lives changed for the better because I was here?

    3. Was I authentic, real enough? Did I ever make it to the point where people could see my transparency, my struggles, me? Or did I stay locked behind the mask, too afraid to show anyone I didn’t have it all together?

    4. Did I agape love everyone? Did I get to the point where I could unconditionally love all who I came in contact with. Was my love, patience, compassion apparent to all or did I fall short?

    5. Was I able to forgive? No grudes. No regrets. Was I able to let go of all the hurts, the anger, the disappointment? Did I ever forgive myself for all of my shortcomings?

    • says

      Dear Dawn, If you’d like more of a challenge, I challenge you to do what i ask my students in class to do–to actually get it down to five single questions with no secondary questions or added comments. Refining and focusing in, honing your questions to that level can help you really get down to what matters–and help you learn as well how to refine and hone your language. If you take me on for this challenge, post your questions again!

  7. Dawn Ford says

    Oh…ok. I just signed up this week and listened to the interview on your website. I set the timer for 10 minutes, wrote without stopping and that’s what I got. :-) I do accept your challenge and will get back to you.

  8. Dawn Ford says

    1. Was it as real for you as it was for me?
    2. Did I miss the point?
    3. Did the nonsense really matter?
    4. Was I fearless?
    5. Was I enough?

    • says

      So Dawn, did these distilled questions have more power for you? I love the second and third one in particular. Come back often—and keep posting.

  9. Dawn Ford says

    Yes Laura thank you. It was, “You have 20 seconds to get out of a burning building, what do you take.” You made me think. Like I said, I’m new at this I found you on Monday via a Facebook ad. I’ve done two other prompts and will keep practicing and keep posting. Blessings.

  10. David says

    Am I a master of courage?
    Am I a master of patience?
    Am I a master of joy and happiness?
    Do I carry any resentments?
    Can I forgive everyone?
    Absolutely and unconditionally?
    Can I change the way I see every person?
    What am I grateful for right now?
    Am I grateful for the love I give and receive?
    What is the best use of my time & my resources?
    Do I spread warmth and love everywhere I go?
    Can I handle all that happens in my life in a loving & powerful way?
    Do I live today?

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