Rolling in Ecstasy

You need not do anything

Remain sitting at your table and listen

You need not even listen, just wait

You need not even wait

Just become quiet and still and solitary

and the world will offer itself to you to be unmasked

It has no choice

It will roll in ecstasy at your feet

It has no choice.

–Franz Kafka

Tell me about a time you gave up and stopped trying to make things happen. What happened then?

Tell me about a time you gave up and stopped trying to make things happen. What happened then?


  1. Fernando González says

    Oh, Laura, I am not doing anything. It was just enough to follow your Kafka´s quote and your invitation for my eyes to shine in dry tears… what is touching me when I stop trying? What ancestral sadness comes to me that moves me so deeply? Is it because of my age? Is it because of my reluctancy to accept the given cultural drift to succed at any rate? Am I giving up becoming a champion and a number one? Or is it that I just allowed to show up the spirit of humaness which has been mistreated so much and long? Yes, I have this hunch, yes, this is it. My tears are now rolling down all over my cheeks and neck. Yes, Laura, my tears are tears of wisdom and eternal love.
    Hoping my English is ok, I shared.

  2. Nicole S. says

    I tell myself all the time: stop trying to make it happen. Let it happen. Let life happen to you, allow yourself to be surprised by what comes your way naturally. It’s a sort of bliss when it does but you need to have the patience for it. And that seems to be my problem, this lack of being able to wait a thing out, to see what grows from seeds you planted months ago. Years even. Sometimes, it will take that long. I know this to be very true and yet, I still struggle, I still sob, I still close myself up tightly, neatly wrapped up in this shell, and then hate the walls I’ve created. I push my feet up against them and try to force my way out, not realizing when I struggle and fight against the tide like this, what I’m truly closing myself off from is possibility and the magic of growth. And it is so magical; I planted seeds in little clay pots in the middle of February, hopeful seeds. It was still icy cold but I planted them all the same. You water, you say a little blessing in your head but then, you forget about them. You simply wait and see what happens next – it’s not up to you. Until one day, you take a good look and little green shoots are pushing themselves up and out of the soil and it’s absolutely beautiful, to see this tiny miracle of something growing, something coming alive. I use it as a metaphor, a sign for myself and my days: just let it be. Live your life, grow your days, take good care of yourself, get out into the sunlight, feed your heart and soul some beauty and all will be well.

  3. The Other Laura says

    I am a doer, a mover and shaker, a bit of a control freak and to stop trying to make things happen – or make things in general is stunningly hard for me. It is parenting that finally taught me the art of just sitting, just being in one place, without the fidget and the need to fix.

    When I stop, when I stand still the world unfurls just a little.

  4. vickie says

    I am one who is constantly striving to accomplish all that I can ,I have always felt that life isn’t what happens to you , it is what you make it. The problem is that when it comes to expression of whats on my mind or in my heart I just can’t seem to make this happen. It was one afternoon, after class, my assignment was to write a short essay on someone in my life who had made an impression on me. I filled a waste basket with my attempts and had all but given up feeling fully defeated and helpless. I closed my eyes and resigned myself to just giving up . When I open my eyes I saw the sunlight streaming through the window and felt the cool breeze on my face ,I thought maybe I would just enjoy this moment and then with startling clarity the entire essay came to me. My hand could not keep up with my mind and the words flowed like a river moving so smoothly and without effort. It was more than a hour before I finished and what I had written brought tears to my eyes and still does. It was then that I had found that intangible something that I had spent my whole life searching for ,like a runners high, the beauty that I felt in that precious hour stirred a thrill in me that still shadows my thoughts.

  5. Sharon R. says

    Now that I relinquish

    If you were here now
    you would see things
    that I often need to miss

    the way the light slants
    through tall windows
    falling on their shoulders, hair

    a hand so soft
    they seem to carry on unaware
    like a child knowing

    in some deep way
    that benevolence
    is a given

    the way a small breeze
    floats through a slight opening
    and plays with the candle flame

    tiny agitations asking
    “what if I push here,
    pull there, ever so minute?”

    you would notice
    it would matter, Something changes
    when you let this in

    the truth is that we are on the edge
    and it could all collapse
    in one breathe

    walls down
    bodies inside out
    words gone

    you saw this, didn’t you
    when I needed
    to not know

    now energy swirls through
    uncharted paths that hold me
    rapt and ignorant

    an infant rediscovering fingers
    and familiar sounds from an inland sea
    with ever-curving shores

    S. Rizk 4-16-11

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