Writing Through the Pandemic: July 14, Number 2

Write your own prayer for month six of the pandemic. Bring to your mind’s eye someone who is suffering: a loved one, someone in your community, your friend who just had to close her business, a first responder, someone who just got diagnosed with Covid-19, the person who packs your groceries, or to someone, directly known or unknown to you, who is grieving or suffering because of this pandemic, or because of fear, bias or prejudice. You can choose to write a prayer for someone else or if you are feeling the need, you can write it for yourself. Be specific in your wishes for that person.

You can share your response to this prompt below.

1 thought on “Writing Through the Pandemic: July 14, Number 2”

  1. A Prayer for the Battered Wife

    May you find the strength to protect yourself from your spouse or partner who is living in fear.

    May you find inner comfort in your strength to know you are not the cause of their fear and pain.

    May you find self-love in the time of despair.

    May you find solace and know that you are loved.

    May you find the love within to care for yourself and find safety.

    May you find the courage to leave your abuser.

    May you find the power to pull yourself out of your anguish.

    May you go deep within your core to forgive, not only yourself, but also your abuser.

    May you find the joy you so justly deserve.

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