Anxiety Feels Like This

This was my response to a prompt where you take an emotion you have often felt and personify that feeling or mind state as a character:

Anxiety is a hired assassin lightly gripping a garrotte he’s waiting to squeeze around your neck. It’s a thin sharp piece of wire and he wields it quickly and in silence. But he’s been hired not to kill you, just to incapacitate you, just to make you confess everything.

Anxiety sneaks up behind you when you least expect it and the next thing you know there is a razor edge of pain around your neck and when he twists the cord, a thin line of blood runs into your collar. The odd thing, he’s invisible. No one can see him and no one can see the tight cord around your neck. But you are aware of his presence every second of your day and it’s all you can think about. You can’t breathe. You can’t think. You can’t focus. You try to listen but all you hear is static. All you want to do is flee, but you are held in place by his invisible wire.

Anxiety follows you wherever you go. He is right behind you and he never stops whispering about the disaster that is just around the corner.

Anxiety was the kind of kid that liked pulling the wings off birds. When he did that he felt more powerful and the stuff his dad did to him didn’t seem as scary.

Anxiety keeps you off-balance and something he makes you run around in tight little circles just for fun. He’s a bit of a sadist and he likes seeing your squirm.

Anxiety is afraid of the future and he makes sure that you are, too. He’s enemies with Faith and he can’t stand that sap, Gratitude.

Anxiety loves to quote doomsday scenarios. He tells you that there will never be enough and you believe him. He tells you how all your plans will turn to dust. He cites litanties of disasters that are waiting just around the corner. You believe everything he tells you, even though they’re all lies because he holds your life in the palm of his hands. One twist, one hard pull and you’re finished.

But really, he’d rather toy with you.

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