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 "Laura Davis’ feedback class was exactly what I was looking for.  She has helped me find the focus I need to complete The Water Hauler, my book of short stories set in the Mojave Desert. Because of Laura and this group, I am finally on track and moving ahead with great clarity." –Cooper Gallegos

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 “In Laura Davis’ Writer’s Journey classes I found the perfect combination of direction, inspiration, permission, and community. With Laura’s guidance, I was able to discover and develop the writer inside of me who had been waiting in darkness my whole life for the support and safety to emerge.” —Terresa Lauer  

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“Writing practice with Laura Davis is about possibilities. Not about being published or receiving accolades, but the possibility of discovery: discovery of my creativity, my joys and sorrows, the discovery of me. The exercises we do in class are appropriately called writing ‘practice’ because there is no graduation, no end point–the journey is what creates …

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 "I love Laura’s writing classes because I use her prompts to write memoir material that is healing and liberating. If I choose to read, I am witnessed and held by the group in my authenticity. There is no feedback, judgment, or opinion.  I find the opportunity to reveal my personal history in this way rare, …

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 “We set writing goals in class and mine was to bring in one piece per month, which I did. After three years I had fourteen chapters about my overland to India trip in 1973. My husband had taken beautiful photographs of this trip and I interspersed the photographs with the stories and published a book …

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 "When I began Laura Davis’ writing class, I’d carried hundreds of stories around in my head for five-and-a-half decades.  Laura’s class breathed life into the words that had waited so long to hear their voices spoken aloud. Her steady guidance and open-hearted engagement with the writer in me was the form of nourishment I needed …

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 “Being in Laura’s writing class gives me the sacred time and space to write. It is heart and brain exercise in an ultra safe container. As a teacher I find Laura to be an excellent coach. Her writing prompts are juicy and creative and through them, I am remembering my own life story.” –Bryana Garcia

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 “Laura Davis is an expert in navigating the waters of the spirit, creating safety and structure without compromising creativity. If you are on the fence about participating in a writing group; get off quick…the Writers Journey awaits you.” –Lisa Buell


  “Being in a safe workshop environment where I’m offered the chance to create and share, without having to defend or explain my writing, has given me the freedom to experiment with voice and style in expressing personal stories and fiction. Something new is always revealed to me through my writing in Laura’s classes, whether it’s …

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 “Being in Laura’s classes over the last two years has really helped me develop my own voice and style of writing. Her constant encouragement and inspiration has pushed me to pursue my real dream of making a career of writing.” –Larae Ross

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