Sexual Abuse

What’s Different About the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Courage to Heal? If you are looking for information, online resources or referrals, click here. For a link to an excerpt from the new Courage to Heal Resource Guide, click here. When we began work on The Courage to Heal in 1984, the climate for survivors …

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Legal Notice 1. This material on this website is designed to give you information on issues relating to the reconciliation of estranged relationships. The information and opinions expressed on this website are educational in nature. They are not intended to be complete or exhaustive, nor is the material on this website, or the forums it …

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Abuse Resources

Sexual Abuse Resource List These listings are excerpted from the Resource Guide of the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Courage to Heal. The full version includes a comprehensive review of books, videos, organizations, and web resources pertaining to every aspect of sexual abuse and healing. I would have loved to publish the Resource Guide online …

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Book Doctor, Coach and Editor Laura Davis is a phenomenal teacher, mentor and coach. She is smart, insightful and really knows how to listen. She knows when to encourage, when to step out of the way, and when to push. Because Laura has faced her demons, she is not afraid of life’s deepest challenges. Her …

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The Last Frontier

The Last Frontier: Is Reconciliation Possible After Sexual Abuse? My name is Laura Davis. I’m the co-author of The Courage to Heal. I have also written three other books about healing from abuse: The Courage to Heal Workbook, Allies in Healing and Beginning to Heal. I am honored that my books have helped millions of …

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