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In the lead up to the publication of my new memoir, The Burning Light of Two Stars, I’m going to be planning a lot of special events, interviews, and appearances. I hope you’ll be able to attend a few!

The Burning Light of Two Stars Launch Week Events:
Zoom Into One, Zoom Into All!

Each event will have a different flavor. Sign up and put them on your calendar now.
Celebrate with Laura in Seattle, Santa Cruz, or Mexico—all from the comfort of your own home!

Sponsored by Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle:

Laura Davis, author of "The Burning Light of Two Stars" with Ellen Bass

Monday, October 25th
6:00 PM Pacific time

Over thirty years ago - 1988, to be precise - Laura Davis coauthored The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse - a book that has had an extraordinary life, as it continues to be read and used, even as it helped prompt the publication of similar books and accounts, and, even more, helped change the language and perception surrounding women’s childhood sexual abuse itself. In her autobiographical new book, The Burning Life of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story (Girl Friday Books), she tells a story of mother-daughter reconciliation and love to powerful ends.

“From the opening moment when Laura Davis is called into life by her mother, to their braided, sometimes twisted, often beautiful, long life together, The Burning Light of Two Stars takes us on a journey of two unforgettable, larger-than-life characters. We are pulled into their story and their struggles and read on to know if they will find it within themselves to make peace together. A tour de force of indelible scenes woven together in an innovative structure, it seemed to me that the pages literally turned themselves. Laura Davis’s first book in nineteen years is a major publishing event, not to be missed.”—Carolyn Brigit Flynn.

“Caregiving an elderly parent, especially against the backdrop of a difficult shared past, can be a bruising spiritual ordeal. We who must travel this territory don’t need any more sentimental narratives about it. What we do need is the healing medicine of truth-telling, and Laura Davis brilliantly and generously gives it to us. I literally could not put this book down.”—Katy Butler.

Joining Laura Davis this evening in virtual conversation will be her co-author of The Courage to Heal, esteemed poet and teacher Ellen Bass, whose most recent book is Indigo (Copper Canyon Press).

Santa Cruz Launch Celebration

Publication Day for The Burning Light of Two Stars : October 26th 7 PM Pacific Time
Bookshop Santa Cruz

VIRTUAL EVENT: Bestselling author Laura Davis will join us online for a discussion of her riveting new memoir The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story examines the endurance of mother-daughter love, how memory protects and betrays us, and the determination it takes to fulfill a promise when ghosts from the past come knocking.

Join Laura’s hometown crowd for a traditional Santa Cruz launch (lots of reading, lots of questions from you)  at Laura’s favorite independent bookstore, one of the true jewels of our community: Bookshop Santa Cruz.

Sponsored by the San Miguel Writer’s Conference and the San Miguel Literary Sala in Mexico

The Making of a Memoir: Best-Selling Author Laura Davis in Conversation with Angie Abdou

Wednesday October 27th
6:30 PM-7:30 PM Central Time
A Book Launch on Zoom

Laura Davis achieved international renown for her first book, The Courage to Heal, which has sold over a million copies and continues to be considered a classic in the literature of healing from trauma. The Courage to Heal was followed by three more books about healing, a parenting sourcebook, and I Thought We’d Never Speak Again, a roadmap of the path from estrangement to reconciliationFor the past 25 years, Laura has been helping writers find their voices, tell their stories, and hone their craft. A beloved teacher at the San Miguel Writer’s Conference, Laura is delighted to celebrate the launch of her first book in nineteen years with members of the San Miguel Sala community.

The Burning Light of Two Stars tells the deeply personal story of Laura’s embattled relationship with her mother, Temme, their determination to love one another, and the surprising collision course they ended up on at the end of Temme’s life. In page-turning detail, Laura reveals how she was able to reconcile with the mother who betrayed her, and ultimately care for Temme at the end of her life. The reading experience is intensely emotional and immersive because of the deep compassion and vivid description Laura brings to every page.

In intimate, candid conversation with fellow memoirist Angie Abdou, Laura will share her ten-year-process — challenges, dead ends, and breakthroughs — bringing this gripping and at times hilarious family story to life. The focal point of the discussion will be on craft, but Laura will also share the deeply transformative nature of writing memoir and the lessons learned as  daughter, mother, sister, spouse and writer. 

Memoir: How to Create Unforgettably Vivid Moments Your Readers Will Never Forget

Saturday October 30th
10:00 AM- 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM-6:00 PM Central Time
Online Master Class with Laura Davis

What makes scenes compelling are emotionally resonant moments that irresistibly pull readers into the world you create. In this experiential two-part intensive, you’ll learn to identify the pivotal moments that form your story’s backbone, front-load sensory detail so your writing is unforgettable, and why you should “slow down where it hurts.” You will come away with a powerful first draft of a crucial scene, a list of scenes to develop, and the skills to write those scenes with powerful immediacy.

Healing Sexual Trauma Summit

October 25th-November 5, 2021

If you or someone in your family lineage has experienced sexual abuse or any kind of body-boundary violation, my colleague, Marcy Little has put together a powerful Healing Sexual Trauma Summit to support you in your next stage of healing.

Laura will be the featured speaker at this event which showcases over 30 international expert speakers from different backgrounds who’ll be sharing their unique medicine.

Here’s just a taste of what you will learn and explore during the Healing Sexual Trauma Summit:

  • Why sexual trauma haunts people long after it is over
  • The different stages of recovery and post-recovery from sexual trauma
  • To recognize physical versus mental triggers
  • The importance of embodiment in the healing process
  • How to develop agency, ownership, and control of your own body
  • How to stop letting the past define your present
  • How to overcome shut-down and numbness
  • The importance of going slow and setting boundaries
  • The power of your own voice
  • Orgasmic confidence

You are not broken. You belong here.

If you’re ready to enjoy the unfolding of your body and your life, this free summit is for you. You can learn more and register by clicking the button below.

Unraveling the Mother Knot with Words and Stories

A Writing Workshop & Discussion with Bestselling Author Laura Davis
Saturday, November 6, 10:00 AM Pacific—FREE!

Join Quest founder, Myra Goodman, for a free writing workshop and discussion with her writing mentor, master teacher Laura Davis. In this two-hour workshop, you’ll learn to use words and story to explore the joys, complexities, and challenges of your relationship with your mother, or your experiences being a parent. You do not need to consider yourself a writer to attend. A notebook, a pen and your willingness are all that is required.

In this highly interactive workshop, we’ll explore:

  • How writing can help us access memories we might not be able to access any other way
  • How our relationships with our mothers (and our children) change across the life cycle
  • Moments when we were able to suddenly see our mother (or children) in a new way
  • The ways storytelling can evoke emotion, clarity and insight
  • The power of writing in community

The writing workshop will be followed by a special hour in which Laura and Myra will discuss how to use writing as a pathway through grief, uncertainty and change. Laura will share some of the most important lessons she’s learned over the course of her 30-plus year career as an author, pathfinder, and community builder. Questions from the audience will be welcome!

We hope you will join us for this extra-special free event!

You are free to attend both sessions or just one (same Zoom ljnk).

Walking the Path of Estrangement: Welcoming Yourself Home

Wednesday November 10th, 2021
2:00 PM Pacific time (5:00 PM Eastern)

Almost everyone has someone in their life that they are estranged from—a friend, a family member, someone they differ with politically. In this dynamic conversation, Jill and Laura will discuss the realities of estranged relationships, when it is and isn’t wise to seek reconciliation, and four pathways to peace regardless of whether an actual relationship can be healed or restored.

This is the second in a four-part series about estranged relationships sponsored by Reimagine, an organization that supports individuals in exploring death and celebrating life through creativity and community.

Jill Bacharach is an author and activist who is passionate about creating safe spaces and empowering others to tell the truth about estranged relationships.

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