Helpful Resources in a Time of Uncertainty #30

Here’s what some artists have done with the challenge of wearing a mask.

Who knows if the artists of the past, so totally taken by their visions and their techniques, today they would’ve customized their accessories or perhaps created their own brands, relaxing from that obsessive search for perfection.

Who knows if in a pandemic period, they would have thought about decorating their masks, to give themselves an air of a conscientious citizen, but still artistic and original. Who knows what colors or which works they would have chosen. Ertan Atay — aka failunfailunmefailun — tried to imagine it through his Painters and their masks series.

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And here’s the Getty museum challenge, if you happen to be someone with an artistic inclination and time and materials on your hands:

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A beautiful talk about loneliness, an epidemic in our society—and now so even more—and how to transform it into belonging. With Buddhist teacher Tara Brach:

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