My Personal Ten Commandments

This piece was written in response to a prompt I gave in writing class this week, “Make a List of Your Own Personal 10 Commandments.”

1. Thou shalt, preserve and cherish long-term relationships with history, ending them only when absolutely necessary.

2. Thou shalt embrace change because it’s what life is all about.

3. Whenever possible, thou shalt prioritize your children and their well being while they are growing under your care.

4. Thou shalt make life choices that push your edges and force you to grow.

5. Thou shalt face your flaws and weaknesses, do what you can to change and have humor about what you can’t.

6. Thou shalt tell the truth the greatest extent possible, to yourself and then to others.

7. Thou shalt find ways to create, express what’s in your heart, and be of service.

8. Thou shalt cultivate community.

9. Thou shalt not take life for granted. The length of it, your health, or illusion that you have control over any of it. Practice gratitude every day.

10. Thou shalt learn from everything life throws at you: every catastrophe, every gift, every tragedy, every failure, every mistake, every grief, sadness or joy. Never stop learning.

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