My Truth

“Do not think your truth can be found by anyone else.”

–Andre Gide

Tell me about your truth, what’s really true for you right now. Start with the words, “My truth…”

2 thoughts on “My Truth”

  1. My truth is that the truth that lives in my heart has been hidden by fear. My truth is that I learned at age 4, the way to ease the fear of rejection and anger of caretakers is to silence the truth of what I want or need.
    As a woman in a culture that denies a woman’s right to be angry or strong, I found an alternate route to strength by serving others and by using my intellect wrapped in compassion, kindness. The truth is that I need to write. I need to be an angry force of unconventional, countercultural creativity who shares the stories of a good girl coping by hiding. The truth is I long to set my good girl free.

  2. My truth……is lost among the many layers of other people’s truths. I’m not in a good place right now, however one may define that. I just wrote this morning about my deep feeling of loss and aloneness. The interesting aspect of this, is I don’t even know what loss I’m experiencing and I’m certainly not alone in my life. Somehow in the mix of my work, my family, the people I’ve surrounded myself with, I’m lost. My truth as I’ve known it is invisible.

    I’m a life coach, a coach trainer, a coach mentor and a business owner. My work, to a large degree, is listening. My default is to listen, observe, and reflect. I’m quiet. I help others through my quietness, my calm, my listening, observation and reflection, to discover their truth. When someone has a breakthrough moment and steps more fully into who they are, I’m elated.

    And yet, here I am, at 62 feeling completely invisible. Whether I’ve made myself invisible or have become invisible as a side effect of my work, I’ve lost sight of my truth. Don’t get me wrong-I know a lot about myself. I’ve dubbed myself the ‘assessment queen’ as I’ve taken every assessment known to mankind! Exploring assessments for my clients, I’ve gained a lot of ‘self-knowledge’ and have seen many sides of myself through various perspectives. I find it fascinating and exciting to be able to discover yourself through a variety of lenses. And yet, in all this self-knowledge, I’m not sure what my truth is.

    What is true about me right now? This is the question that comes up for me. Truth-I’m not clear on my evolving purpose. Truth-Somehow, I feel very alone in my lack of clarity, not even able to really articulate the feelings I’m experiencing right now. Truth-I may be in my survival brain, self-sabotaging because I’m afraid that I won’t have what it takes to work another ten years. Truth-I don’t know who this 62-year-old woman is and what is true for her heading into her encore stage.

    It seems ironic to me that my message in life is getting to the ‘truth of you’ and yet, here I sit in the mess of it! I guess that’s why they say, your mess is your message. I’m trying to figure out me as I help others do the same. The positive about experiencing these feelings is I develop an empathetic understanding of what my clients are experiencing. That feeling of stuckness, of confusion, of uncertainty in life. However, the understanding that everyone goes through these experiences doesn’t help how lost I feel right now.

    Just for today, my truth is invisible to me. I believe in Divine timing; I’ll find the light switch and
    see what is lost to me in the present darkness.

    Created on 2/25/20 5:43:00 AM, Shawn Preuss

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