Packing List for the 3-Day Walk

 Packing List: What to Bring on the Three-Day Walk

  1. lots of chutzpah
  2. the well wishes and support of my community
  3. 1 sleeping bag
  4. 1 sleeping pad
  5. courage
  6. a flag or other identifying marker so my pink tent stands out from 1000 others (still don’t know what that flag could be!)
  7. 6 cotton kerchiefs, two per day….one to wipe sweat, the other to wipe snot
  8. 6 pairs of wicking athletic socks, with a change each day at lunchtime
  9. memories of my breast cancer journey and thoughts of the women I know who didn’t make it
  10. mouthpiece for sleep apnea
  11. 4 pill boxes, one for AM, one for after breakfast, one for dinner time, one for night time with my breast cancer meds and supplements
  12. a stash of American ginseng, given to me by my acupuncturist to chew on every 3 miles
  13. determination
  14. two pairs of walking shorts
  15. three pairs of wicking underwear
  16. one pair of lightweight, fast drying, zip off hiking pants
  17. my new black “Save 2nd Base” tee shirt
  18. a tiny pair of sharp scissors to cut moleskin for my feet
  19. my iPhone to take pictures to upload on Facebook and so I have an alarm
  20. tube of Traumeel
  21. a willingness to listen and share
  22. yellow theraband for stretching
  23. two pairs of expensive walking shoes—broken in, at least 50 miles per pair
  24. a breast cancer visor
  25. body glide to prevent chafing injuries
  26. a sense of adventure
  27. sunscreen and sunglasses
  28. a lifetime of perseverance in meeting goals
  29. a lifetime of overcoming obstacles
  30. wicking underwear and tank tops
  31. months of walking meditation practice
  32. large zip lock bags (2.5 gallon size) to put each day’s clothes in
  33. poncho for rain
  34. an open mind and a sense of humor
  35. lightweight fleece jacket for cool evenings
  36. flip flops for showers
  37. personal toiletries….travel size
  38. lip balm
  39. zovirax in case I get a herpes on my lip
  40. the support of all my donors
  41. borrow Eli’s sweats and bring my black mysterioso shirt for cosy evening wear and sleeping
  42. small head lamp
  43. book to read before bed? Necessary?
  44. ergonomic pillow (my own….essential)
  45. Bottle of second skin for blisters
  46. A small notebook to write in
  47. Personal stash of advil to be taken every eight hours around the clock
  48. Fanny pack and water bottles….well broken in
  49. Stash of my favorite peanut butter/chocolate protein/carb bars
  50. Willingness/receptivity/an openness to whatever arises
  51. Spirit of adventure, play and fun

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