Balinese Dancers

Reasons to Join Me in Bali #1: My Personal Campaign to Help You Say Yes to Magic

This reminds me of so many altars I saw everyday in Bali. Such reverence and beauty everywhere!

Join Me for the Opportunity of a Lifetime:

Come to the Magic Isle of Bali Next July!

I have fallen in love with Bali and can’t wait to go back. Now in the midst of dark rainy winter, I’m dreaming about going back six months from now…for my birthday! I’m remembering the sacredness, the quality of the light, the gentle kindness of the people, the ocean, the food, the dancing . . . I even miss the sound of scooters!

TRAVEL WRITING TIP #1: There should be something human at stake in your journey.

For the next ten weeks, I’m going to share some of my memories of Bali in the hopes of convincing you to join me there for my 60th birthday next summer.

There is nothing like Bali. And no time like now to say yes. And even if you know you can’t come, enjoy these emails – a mini virtual vacation for you!

Three Fantastic Locations In Bali

July 16-31, 2016

This year’s trip will include a wonderful mix of touring, adventure, writing, movement, and relaxation. This fourth (and final?) year, the retreat will have all the best elements of the first three trips with some wonderful additions.

Spouses and friends who don’t write are welcome to attend. There will be a varied mix of activities available for everyone.

 Consider joining me for the adventure of a lifetime: learn more.

In the spirit of adventure,

unnamed (3)

This is me snorkeling in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. One thing a lot of people don’t know about me. I’m not happiest when I’m writing; I’m happiest underwater.

P.S. This summer’s trip to Bali will happen the last two weeks of July. You can jump on board now if you know that adventure, travel, beauty, all wrapped up with writing, would make your heart sing.

The trip is half full and I’m just starting to really spread the word. Learn more here.

Laura Davis
The Writer’s Journey

P.S. If you’d like to read about one of my prior trips to Bali, you can read my Virtual Vacation posts here.

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