Reasons to Join Me in Bali #4: The Magical Monkey Forest

Travel Writing Tip #4: Nothing takes the place of direct observation.

The second of three places we visit in Bali during the Write, Travel, Transform trip is Ubud, the arts capital of Bali. In addition to eating in great restaurants, seeing Balinese dance, shopping at the local market, and of course, writing and yoga, we also had the wonderful opportunity to stroll through the monkey forest.

Before we entered, our intrepid guide, Judy Slattum, warned us to take off anything we were wearing that was shiny because the monkeys might snatch at it. She told us not to feed them banana sold by hawkers all along the pathway, calling out, “Banana for monkey?” She told us that the monkeys have grown overweight and dependent on the tourists, eating banana after banana. The locals put cut up sweet potatoes on the ground–the monkey’s natural food. But they are still overweight and can be aggressive.

There are monkeys everywhere, and the little ones, especially were cute. My daughter, Lizzy, couldn’t resist taking lots of pictures of them. Nor could the rest of our photographers:

 beautiful monkeys

adult 2

adult 2

Come to Bali with us, and you too can see monkeys!


In the spirit of adventure,


Laura Davis
The Writer’s Journey

P.S. This year’s trip is filling up with some incredible people. Here’s what a few of them have to say about what they’re looking forward to next summer in Bali:

Here’s Emily, in snowy New Jersey:

And here’s Julie, who came to Scotland with me last year. She’s coming to Bali, too!

If you’d like to join Julie and Emily and and a wonderful community to welcoming writiers in Bali later this spring…there’s still time to become part of our delightful family of travelers. Sign up here!


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