Reasons to Join Me in Bali #9: The Joy of Swimming Like a Fish

Travel Writing Tip #9:  In many travel stories, a little literary license is okay.

One of my favorite parts of being in Bali is the experience of exploring, not just on land, but also underwater. I’m a scuba diver and so I love the opportunity to dive deep in the tropical seas.

And on the Write, Travel Transform trips to Bali, I also savored the opportunities to go snorkeling.

Our very first day, after arriving in Candidasa, before our first writing workshop, we climbed into a big old van and headed out to the local harbor to board a boat for a snorkeling expedition:

And in our last location, Munduk mountain village, we went on an all-day trip to

West Bali National Park. On the way, we got to see stately trees arching over the road-something we`d never seen in Bali before-a gift from the Dutch colonial rulers who wanted their vehicles shaded as they drove down the road.

After a boat trip in a rickety, but efficient old boat with a captain, Wayan, who had the biggest smile I have ever seen, we were dropped off on an island where we could see the volcanoes of Java in the distance. After crawling out on broken coral, we came to a 100 foot drop off and some of the clearest water I have ever experienced in my life. Riding the surge of the waves, we saw an incredible variety of fish, colors, coral and clams.


All I could think besides, “This is amazing,” was, “I have to come back here and do this again.”

Laura diving

And this June, you can join me.

5 spots left…act now…


In the spirit of adventure,


Laura Davis
The Writer’s Journey

P.S. This year’s trip is filling up with some incredible people. Here’s what a few of them have to say about what they’re looking forward to next summer in Bali:

Here’s Emily, in snowy New Jersey:

And here’s Julie, who came to Scotland with me last year. She’s coming to Bali, too!

If you’d like to join Julie and Emily and and a wonderful community to welcoming writiers in Bali later this spring…there’s still time to become part of our delightful family of travelers. Sign up here!


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