Reasons to Join Me in Bali

Here are the ten reasons to join me in Bali …

Balinese Dancers

  1. My Personal Campaign to Help You Say Yes to Magic
  2. Witness Rituals That Can Bring New Meaning to Your Life
  3. Your Choice of Adventures Awaits You
  4. The Magical Monkey Forest
  5. Visit a 400-Year-Old Family Compound
  6. There’s No One on Earth Like The Balinese …
  7. You Can Learn to Bargain Like a Pro!
  8. Bargaining in Action with Laura and Karyn: A Comedy in Cross-Cultural Communication
  9. The Joy of Swimming Like a Fish
  10. This Adventure Will Make You Very, Very, Very Happy!


Laura Davis
The Writer’s Journey

P.S. This year’s trip is filling up with some incredible people. Here’s what a few of them have to say about what they’re looking forward to this summer in Bali:

Here’s Emily, in snowy New Jersey:

And here’s Julie, who came to Scotland with me last year. She’s coming to Bali, too!

If you’d like to join Julie and Emily and and a wonderful community to welcoming writiers in Bali later this spring…there’s still time to become part of our delightful family of travelers. Sign up here!


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