Something That Happened In the Rain, part II

Here’s the continuing saga of me trying to resuscitate my iPhone:

Day #3. Watched a video online about how to pop out the SIM card. I did and put it up on a shelf. Noticed that the tiny white silica balls were working their way into the earphone jack and the charging port. Hmmm,…not good. Resisted the temptation to plug it in to see if it works. Flicked out the wedged in white balls with a straight pin.

Day #4. Read more of the online stories. Someone claimed just a few drops of rain did in his phone. One guy begged for information about the best brand of rice to use to dry out his phone. Another swore by the use of an air compressor. I don’t even know what an air compressor is. Googled it and found this opening line: “Air compressors can be used for more than pumping up tires.” Okay, so it’s the air thingie at the gas station. Now I’m thinking about taking my iPhone over to Big O Tires, where the guys know me, and seeing if I can use their air compressor. In fact, I’m tempted to do it right now, but Tyson got in a brawl with a skunk on the back porch this morning and the house reeks so badly, I can’t imagine going back in there for any reason at all, even to retrieve the plastic bag filled with silica and my dead phone.

Day #5. Filled the house with bowls of apple cider vinegar to deal with the skunk smell. Bought some enzyme cleaner at the pet store and sprayed it all over the house and showered with it. Went to Big O and asked if I could use the air compressor. They led me back into one of the service bays and handed me the sprayer. I sprayed the high pressure air compressor hose in all my iPhone’s orifices for about five minutes. Took a lot of ribbing from the mechanics. I tried the phone. It was still completely dead. Two hours later, while I was waiting for Eli to come out of martial arts, I took my phone out of its silicon bed and on a whim, plugged it into the car charger. Nothing happened. Five minutes later it turned on! Five minutes after that it came back from the dead and started working! I tested the telephone and it worked. I tested the count down timer and the alarm and they worked! I haven’t tried to earphone jack yet, but I can’t believe I have all my addresses and dates and favorites back. I was certain this cure I read about would work for other people, but never for me. I mean, I was pouring water out of my phone just a few days ago!

The screen, by the way, has a really cool wavy, water pattern on it. Both kids think it looks really neat. Lizzy wishes her phone looked like that. Karyn says I should put it to bed in the silica bed to get the rest of the moisture out. I may just let slow evaporation take its course.

A happy ending to my story.

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