Taos Final Thanks

Thank you so much for completing all that information!

I'm so happy we're going to Taos together!


Welcome! You’ve made a wonderful choice to join a warm, supportive group of people, committed to healing through deep creativity. It’s great that you’ve given yourself this gift of healing, camaraderie, and community. 

I look forward to our rich fruitful week together. 

As soon as my assistant, Jen Petras, processes your registration, she will mail you (snail mail) a packet full of useful information covering all the details you’ll need to know to prepare for our trip. If you have questions before that, you can contact Jen: jpeachtree23@gmail.com. She’ll respond to your requests on the next available weekday.

Between now and our trip, if you’d like to be part of my online writing community (it’s free) you can click here. It’s also the place you can sign up for my mailing list if you’re not on it already.


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