Training Update: Week 12: 9/25/09

Well, what can I say? My feet hurt! My calves hurt! My shins hurt! My quads hurt! I am experiencing the physical impact of walking 25-40 miles a week. It feels good while I’m doing it, but there’s a downside to being an athlete too! In fact, most of the people I know who have been serious athletes are paying the consequences later in life (now in my case). I may have what is the beginning of Plantar Fascitis. According to Wikipedia:

Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammatory condition of the foot. It has been reported plantar fascitis occurs in two million Americans a year and 10% of the population over a lifetime. It is commonly associated with long periods of work-related weight bearing…The pain is usually felt on the underside of the heel, often most intense with the first steps of the day.

I’ve been told to keep a frozen water bottle in the freezer and to pull it out after my long walks and to roll my feet on. It does feel good. We also have a balancing ball that gives the feet quite a workout. Yesterday I had a painful, but necessary massage by my wonderful masseuse, Bryana Garcia. She dug into the fascia of my feet and it felt like she was slicing the bottom of my feet with a razor-sharp knife. I told her to go for it despite the pain and my feet felt better afterwards. She also showed me a small hardwood half dome that you put on the floor and then you work the bottom of your foot on it. It, too, hurts like hell, but it’s that good hurt that makes me feel the little crystals in my foot (well, that’s what it feels like to me) are getting broken down.

I am trying to get better about stretching before, during and after my walks, but it’s not my strong suit.

Despite the physical challenges, I still love my walks and am fully committed to continuing my training regimen. The walk is in FIVE MORE WEEKS! I’m excited and looking forward to what will be a completely unknown experience. I have the right clothes, the right fanny back, two pairs of shoes that are broken in, and I’ve put in enough miles that I have a very good chance of completing the walk.

Doing this has changed my life; it’s definitely changing my body. Well…it’s time to get dressed…and to walk. Today it’s five miles…a trip to the grocery store with a backpack on my back and to Capitola Mall to pick up Karyn’s birthday present. Two hours on slow time. I’m looking forward to it…

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