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The Writer’s Journey Salon

Twice a year, the community of Santa Cruz gets to enjoy a  terrific evening of great writing by Laura’s Writer’s Journey students–both established and emerging writers. The event is free, but there will be food for sale–both savory and sweet.

The first time we did this event, an audience of 100 turned out in the Live Oak Grange. The last time–we had 150–a full house. We were all blown away by the quality and diversity of the work that was read–we spent the evening laughing, crying and deeply moved by the human spirit and the power or words. It was great to be at a reading that focused on prose rather than poetry.

Here’s what some members of the audience had to say:

Fabulous event last night, Laura!  We are still laughing, crying, and quoting lines back and forth to each other…”

“After each one I thought that it could not get any better, but it always did.”

“Jay and I are still talking about last night and calling out one-liners from the readings. I am in awe of the richness of your circle of writers. What a gifted teacher you are.” 

“Thank you for an amazing evening. I love being in the messy beauty of living, breathing and sharing writing.”

“I always love having a story read to me. Last night, I was awed by your students reading very good, very well-written stories. I didn’t even need to be tucked in.”

“I really enjoyed the diversity of voices.”

I am so glad I did not stay home and watch TV last night. Nothing on TV could possibly have been as richly entertaining as the readers and their works.”


Come back to find out when the next Writer’s Journey Salon will be!


We will be serving dinner and dessert next fall, too. Here’s what we served at the last salon:

Dinner Plates: ($7.00)

PanAsian Quinoa Salad with Black Beans, Mango, Pumpkin Seeds, Ginger Sauce and Green Salad, Ruby Grapes, Baby Pita and Masala Naan

Bowl of Rita’s Raita (yogurt, corn chutney, mint, tomato, chives, cucumber) with Falafel Balls, Green Salad, Masala Naan, Veggies and Grapes

Bengal Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich with Mango Chutney on Yummy Bread with Green Salad, Veggies and Ruby Grapes

Desserts: ($4.00)

Homemade Parisian-style Cream Puff topped with Chocolate, filled with Vanilla Custard and served with Juicy Organic Strawberries

Old-fashioned Strawberry Shortcake with “Dirty Girl Farm” Berries, Homemade Buttermilk Shortcake & Clouds of Freshly Whipped Cream.

Hope you can join us next time! If you haven’t already signed up for Laura’s mailing list, you can do so in the upper left corner of the website and you’ll be informed the next time a reading rolls around!

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Subscribe to my mailing list and I will immediately give you a beautiful eBook: Writing Toward Courage: A Thirty Day Practice.

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