Covid, RSV, Flu and Other Contagious Illness Policies:
Arrive Healthy, Stay Healthy

The goal of this policy is to prevent infectious diseases, and to minimize their spread if they do occur. Our guidelines are based on the latest policies of the CDC. You can read them here.

We will keep you updated on changes to this policy.

Here’s What We’re Asking from You

Before the trip:

  • Take extra precautions in the week leading up to the trip. Mask in public settings. Avoid sick people and large gatherings.
  • Let us know if you’ve exhibited any symptoms of illness or have been directly exposed to anyone with Covid or other communicable diseases in the week before departure.
  • Commit to using a N95 or KN95 mask the entire time you’re utilizing any form of shared transportation (shuttles, airports, security lines, flights, trains, buses) while in route to Turkey.
  • Wash your hands with hot, soapy water as often as possible while traveling. This is the single most important thing you can do to prevent illness.
  • Pack a generous supply of whatever you like to use to boost your immune system.
  • Talk to your doctor about preparing a kit of medicines that would be useful to have on hand were you to get sick with a virus while traveling in Turkey.
  • Pack a thermometer, fever reducing medication, your immune boosting kit, your personalized medical supplies in case of illness, and half a dozen N95 or KN95 masks, and four Covid tests in case there's illness in the group. Bring these things with you as they may not all be available for purchase in Turkey.

During the Trip: 

  • Should you become ill, let one of the trip leaders know. We will evaluate your condition and assess each situation as it arises.
  • We will assist you in accessing medical care as needed.
  • If you show signs of illness, we will ask you to take a Covid test.
  • If you become ill with a fever of 101 degrees or higher and/or demonstrate symptoms of respiratory or other illness during our trip, you will be required to isolate from the group until your fever has dropped below 101 for 24 hours and/or your symptoms are steadily improving.
  • We will inform the group about any contagious illness in our group.
  • If you get sick and are staying in a single room, you’ll be able to isolate in your hotel room. If you have a roommate, we’ll help you find alternative housing in a single room, if at all possible. This will be at your expense.
  • While isolating, you won’t be able to ride in a van or bus with other group members. Instead, we’ll help arrange alternate  transportation, which will be at your expense.
  • If you plan on making a travel insurance claim to cover illness-related expenses, it is essential that you see a medical doctor and get proper documentation to support your claim while still in Turkey. This paperwork will be required by your travel insurance company. Likewise, if you incur additional out-of-pocket costs for housing, meals, or transportation, be sure to keep a running log and get receipts.
  • Once you rejoin the group, you will need to eat separately and wear an N95 or KN95 mask indoors (or in vehicles) for as long as you remain symptomatic, or for five days after symptom onset or a positive Covid test. A N95 or KN95 mask will also be required outdoors in situations where you’re interacting closely with others (for instance, reading to someone face-to-face in a writing class).
  • The Writer’s Journey will not provide refunds or expense reimbursement to those unable to take part in activities due to illness or contagion. Additional expenses accrued for medical care, additional hotel rooms, taxis, or other costs associated with your illness will be your responsibility.
  • If an outbreak involves multiple participants, our goal will be to keep the trip going whenever possible.

Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is required for this trip. Be sure to read the fine print on any policy you buy so you know whether (and to what degree) your insurance will cover a Covid-related cancellation. As of October 2023, Travel Insured, an online travel insurance provider, treats Covid like any other illness. But please do your own due diligence.

If you want pre-existing conditions covered, most insurance companies require that you purchase insurance within ten days or two weeks of paying your initial deposit.

If you can’t join our trip or need to leave early due to illness or injury, trip cancellation insurance will be your only recourse to recoup your travel investment. The Writer’s Journey will not provide refunds should you need to cancel, regardless of the reason, beyond the refund policy outlined in our graduated cancellation policy.

Given the constantly changing global health environment, our plans may evolve as we consider new guidance and recommendations from health agencies. We’ll keep this space updated with any changes that might affect you. Please check here as your trip approaches.

Dated: June 10, 2024

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