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For more than 20 years Laura Davis has helped people find their voices, tell their
stories, and hone their craft. She also is a lot of fun to talk to! Join your host, Sara Hart, for a podcast where she brings you conversations that will inspire, celebrate and empower women over 55, to fuel the spark that will ignite your way forward, illuminate your path and reflect your gifts in the world.

The Independent Author Network runs the 2023 IAN Book of the Year Awards, an international contest, open to all authors, with 50 fiction and non-fiction categories awarded each year. When judging completed, The Burning Light of Two Stars was selected as a finalist in two categories: "Biography/Autobiography," and "Memoir."

Utilize these 30 potent writing prompts to help heal complicated relationships with the mothers in your life.

A beautiful in-depth interview about caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease, with a focus on the added challenge of caretaking a parent who betrayed you in the past.

In this season 11 episode of the AlzAuthors Podcast, Laura discusses with host Marianne Sciucco mending broken relationships and the healing power of writing.

“Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling”, hosted by Madeleine Black, features individuals who have all triumphed after adversity and have not just bounced back in life, but forward and are now making a difference for others.

In this podcast episode, Laura speaks to Madeleine about Laura’s estrangement from her mother, her decision to reconcile with her, and how she believes we can be stronger at the broken places of our lives.

Creative Disruption podcaster Mark McGuinness focuses on hearing stories of creatives around the world who came up with a creative response to the challenges of the pandemic. In Mark’s discussion with Laura, they talk about Laura’s latest book, The Burning Light of Two Stars, how Laura’s relationship with her mother was disrupted by Laura’s writings, and how they took steps to make peace with one another. You can listen to the podcast on the Creative Disruption site or on Apple Podcasts, and/or read the transcript at the bottom of the Creative Disruption page.

The bumpy relationship between bestselling author Laura Davis and her mom was well-documented long before her recent memoir The Burning Light Between Two Stars was published and resulted in a long period of estrangement. Yet where some of us may have written the relationship off forever, Laura and her mother worked hard to lay a foundation of respect and forgiveness. In this podcast interview, Lizbeth Meredith discusses with Laura how this was possible.

Laura shares how her mother’s dementia brought to the surface all the unresolved issues that still lay between them, some she had thought she had resolved years before.

Best-selling author Laura Davis shares how Santa Cruz helped her to find her voice.

Laura’s first book launch event for The Burning Light of Two Stars featured a wonderful, warm, dynamic conversation with her old friend and colleague Ellen Bass at Elliott Bay Bookstore in Seattle.


Laura got to launch her book to her hometown crowd (and some guests from out of town) live on Zoom. Hear her read at this launch event sponsored by Bookshop Santa Cruz and watch the slide show she created to introduce you to the characters in The Burning Light of Two Stars.


In intimate, candid conversation with fellow memoirist Angie Abdou, Laura will share her ten-year-process – challenges, dead ends, and breakthroughs – bringing this gripping and at times hilarious family story to life. The focal point of the discussion will be on craft, but Laura will also share the deeply transformative nature of writing memoir and the lessons learned as  daughter, mother, sister, spouse and writer.

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