Something I Heard By Chance

“Words heard by chance have been known to change lives.” –Phil Cousineau, The Art of Pilgrimage Tell me about a time you experienced this—when something you overheard—changed your life. Or when someone overhearing you did the same.

A Thread of Purpose

“I don’t need to create my life. I only need to follow the thread that’s already there.” –source unknown Tell me about a positive thread in your life that has always been there. Even if you couldn’t see it at the time–but only in retrospect–tell me about one thread that has woven through your life …

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Obstacles to Writing

“The world of imagination in which the writer must live is constantly being invaded by the enemy, the mundane world.” –Margaret Walker Make a quick list of everything that gets in the way of your writing. Then pull out a clean sheet of paper and begin again, with the words, “In order to write, I …

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“Commitment is when you do the thing you said you’d do long after the mood you’d said it in has left you.” –Jeff Olson Tell me about something you committed to and followed through on that fits this definition. How has that commitment shaped your life?

Doing It My Way

“As women we’re told that approval is oxygen, but approval can be suffocating.” –Naomi Wolf, address at San Miguel Writer’s Conference, 2/12 Tell me about a time you stopped needing someone else’s approval.

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