Writing Prompts to Explore & Inspire Courage

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Writing Prompts to Explore & Inspire Courage

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Writing Toward Courage: A 30-Day Practice

I’ve created a special gift for you: a book to inspire your courage. It’s a book of writing prompts, designed as a thirty-day practice, but you can use them any way you wish. Although they’re designed for writing, you can use them for meditation, at the dinner table, in conversation, group discussion or in a classroom.

Each prompt has an provocative quote and poses a question. They’re intended to help you find more courage in your life—something we definitely all need right now.

If you’d like to use these as writing prompts, instructions are included. Beginners are welcome. You don’t need any special training or writing experience to use this book—just the willingness to pick up a paper and pen or put your fingers on the keyboard.

Writing is a powerful way to get grounded, to steady ourselves, to find strength and resilience, and to get in touch with our deepest hearts. The prompts in this book can be used alone, with a writing buddy or in a writing group. Why not give it a try?

To get your copy of Writing Towards Courage, complete the form below. You will also begin receiving my weekly writing prompts to keep your practice going, occasional blog posts, and other resources as well. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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