The Making of The Burning Light of Two Stars

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Here's How a Book is Made

Now that I've finished The Burning Light of Two Stars and am deep into the publication process, I've started a weekly blog that explores what it took to write the book, and also documents what it takes to produce a book, create an audiobook, and prepare for a book launch.

People who aren't authors have no idea what goes into creating a book. The Burning Light of Two Stars blog will include:

  • notes from coaching sessions with actual editors
  • early drafts of scenes as well as scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor-and I'll tell you why
  • intimate explorations that document the creative process
  • entertaining accounts of what publishing is really like

Throughout the series, I'll frame these posts with reflections and writing tips from my thirty-five-year career as an author and decades as a writing teacher. So hopefully, you'll not just get to peek behind the curtain, you'll also gain some tangible skills that will be beneficial in your own writing and storytelling.

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