Summer Pop-Up

Writing Classes

Summer Pop-Up

Writing Classes

Summer Pop-Up

Writing Classes


Summer Pop-Up Writing Classes with Laura Davis

NOTE: These classes have not yet been scheduled for 2024.

They’re easy, short, and online!

Summer is the season when we want our lives—and our learning—to be more spontaneous, immediate, flexible, and fun. In keeping with this summer spirit, I’m taking a five-month hiatus from my regular classes and have created a brand-new offering: an eclectic potpourri of short, online pop-up classes with something for every writer.

If you'd like to:

  • Pair writing with food
  • Discover how to write about what you can't remember
  • Explore your boomer past
  • Learn twelve secrets for getting your book across the finish line
  • Benefit from the healing power of story
  • Have fun with a group of like-minded writers
  • And much more...

I've got a half-day class for you!

Some sessions are more craft oriented. Others focus on the joy, pleasure, and deep connections with self and others that writing provides. They will all be participatory, with time to learn, write and share.

All pop-ups will be held online so you can attend from anywhere—even on vacation!

They'll be recorded so you can catch them on replay and still benefit if your summer plans change.

You can sign up for a single pop-up, mix and match, or take them all. You can invite a friend or family member to join in on the fun or give a half-day of writing as a unique, creative gift.

All registrations come with a free copy of Laura’s award-winning 2021 memoir, The Burning Light of Two Stars.

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Two Things I Love Best: Writing About Food

Wednesday, June 14

9:00-2:00 Pacific, 10:00-3:00 Mountain, 11:00-4:00 Central, noon-5:00 Eastern

Two Things I Love Best: Writing About Food

Treat yourself to a decadent, delicious half-day of writing pleasure. In this scrumptious summer pop-up class, we will write about food with a variety of fruitful, evocative prompts.

As a source for writing, food provides a rich, varied, sensual source of stories. Food is primal, visceral, and full of sensory detail—what more could a writer want?

The foods we eat and how we eat them reveals so much about our culture, families, and relationships. And food is easy to write about—it’s so immediate.

There are always stories connected to food: how you learned the secret recipe for strudel at your grandmother’s knee, the Thanksgiving your Aunt Helen insisted that the ants floating on top of the chicken soup were really black pepper, the ravioli that was a miserable failure when you were desperately trying to impress your new in-laws.

Or how about the weirdest thing you ever ate? A description of a food you had to spit out?

Writing about food often evokes deeper stories. When we write about food, we explore hunger, scarcity, satiation, greed, deprivation, sensuality, family rules, pleasure, nostalgia, loss, punishment, and rewards. Food is the vehicle that reveals these truths.

Consider, for instance, what you might write in response to the following prompts:

  • Tell me about a food that’s gone extinct.
  • Tell me about something you were scared to eat.
  • Tell me about a time you fed someone.
  • Tell me about all the kinds of hunger you have known.

It makes you think, doesn't it? Food is not just food. Food is everything. So come spend a day writing about all the places food stories can take you.

You’ll leave the workshop feeling nourished and well-fed, with a notebook full of vivid, memorable stories.


About Laura Davis

Laura Davis is the author of The Burning Light of Two Stars, the story of her loving, tumultuous relationship with her mother, and six other non-fiction books. Her first book, The Courage to Heal, paved the way for hundreds of thousands of women to heal from the trauma of sexual abuse.

Becoming the Parent You Want to Be helped parents develop a vision for the families they want to create. I Thought We'd Never Speak Again taught the skills of reconciliation and peace building, one relationship at a time.

In addition to writing books that inspire, the work of Laura's heart is to teach. For more than twenty years, she's helped people find their voices, tell their stories, and hone their craft. Laura loves creating supportive, intimate writing communities online, in person, and internationally. She leads international trips combining writing, cultural learning, and adventure around the world.

Laura has been published in Publisher's Weekly, Writer's Digest, CrimeReads, Brevity, and The New York Times, featured in the Los Angeles Review of Books, and has been an engaging guest on QWERTY, Write-Minded, and dozens of other podcasts.

She's been a featured speaker for The National Association of Memoir Writers and a popular craft teacher at The San Miguel Writer's Conference.

You can learn about her books and workshops and get a free ebook: Writing Through Courage: A 30-Day Practice at

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