Our Italian Pasta Lesson

We had a great pasta class with chef Rosanna Passione. The pasta we made ended up being one of the courses for our last supper at the Villa.

The tag line on Rosanna’s cooking brochure is “Invitare qualcuno alla propria tavola vuol dire prendersi cura della sua felicita.” Or in English, “to invite someone at your table means to take care of their happiness.”

Scroll through the pictures and see our class.

Master Chef in action

As you can see, Rosanna is very enthusiastic about her pasta.

This was her demonstration.

Making ravioli
First you fold over the dough.
Then start at one end and begin to crimp.
This will become bowties

Then it was our turn.

The fettuccini was my favorite when the pasta course finally made it to our plates.
Ravioli filling.
This became the fresh pasta sauce.

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