Facts And Questions About Bali

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How many participants will you accept?

We will be creating an intimate travel experience conducive to writing, healing and the formation of a close, supportive community. Meeting directly with healers requires that we work in small groups. Our trip has a 9-person minimum. We will take a maximum of 14.

Can I get a single room?

Since we stay in small, intimate, locally owned accommodations, single supplement lodging is limited. Six single rooms are available; they will be allotted on a first-come basis. Everyone else will be housed in a double.

I don't have anyone in mind to room with. Can you help me find a roommate?

If you don’t have a roommate in mind, we will help match you with a compatible roommate.

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Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, we require travel insurance that includes trip cancellation and medical coverage to protect your investment in the trip.

To cover pre-existing conditions, insurance must be purchased 14-21 days after you pay your initial deposit (Stage 1 of our registration). We will send information about purchasing insurance after you register. Our travel agent can also assist you in finding and purchasing a travel insurance policy that meets our requirements and your particular needs.

If you are buying your own insurance, be sure to read the fine print as policies can differ greatly. Confirm with your insurance provider what Covid-19-related issues are covered. No policy covers all COVID-19 travel risks so check your policy carefully and ensure you understand who will pay for additional costs if incurred.

What are your policies around COVID-19 and what safety measures can I expect?

Our COVID-19 policies follow CDC guidelines and evolve to consistently balance convenience with safety. We recommend, but no longer require, guests to be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.

See our Covid Policies for our current policies.

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Am I fit enough to do this trip?

Bali is an island full of stairs and uneven pavement. Our trip includes many beautiful hikes in nature. We will be walking on city streets, small roads, village pathways, loose gravel, wooded trails, small streams, muddy paths, and through rice fields. This trip is appropriate for anyone in reasonable physical health, with good balance, who enjoys walking and can traverse irregular terrain without the assistance we take for granted in the US, like hand railings or standard step heights. To comfortably participate, you should be capable of walking on uneven surfaces, both on city streets and in nature, at a relaxed pace, for up to two-three hours at a time. The optional hike up Saranguara, a sacred mountain in West Bali, will provide the opportunity for a more rigorous hike for those wanting a greater physical challenge.

How many days will I need to take off to participate?

Fifteen days. Those flying from a greater distance may require an extra day for travel.

Where do I fly into?

Denpasar, Bali. We will designate a specific arrival day and time frame within which you should arrive. We will meet you at the airport and provide group transportation to our first hotel. Our travel agent can help you arrange your flights so that your arrival and departure is coordinated with the rest of the group. She can also help you if you want to arrive early or extend your stay.


What will the writing classes be like?

Laura will teach a daily two or two-and-a-half hour writing workshop almost every day. Our classes will help you integrate your daily experiences and augment the healing theme of the trip, providing a daily time for connection, reflection, and grounding. Our focus will not be on craft or critique but rather on sharing stories and building sacred community. There are no prerequisites to taking part—just a willingness to write and share.

What will I be eating in Bali?

"Have you eaten rice today?" is the common greeting in Indonesia, as the locals eat rice three times a day, usually with vegetables, spicy sauces, and small amounts of meat, tofu, eggs, and tempeh (made from soybeans). Balinese cuisine is based on Chinese cooking, and the Balinese use many of the same spices. Salads, fresh tropical fruit, fresh fruit juices, and fresh fish are widely available and safe to consume. In the first and second stops on our trip, you will have the option of ordering from a delicious and varied menu at our hotel or exploring local restaurants. There are many restaurants in Candi Dasa and Ubud that cater to visitors, serving both western and local food. Great, inexpensive food in beautiful restaurants is one of the wonderful surprises in Bali that await you. At our third location in the mountains, all our meals will be at the retreat center—there are no restaurants nearby. Participants will choose from a diverse menu for breakfast and lunch and be served delicious group family style dinners each night.

Can you accommodate a special diet?

Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets can be easily accommodated.


Will I have access to the internet?

There is internet access in all our hotels, but the wifi may not be available everywhere (for instance, you may be able to access it in a common area, but not in your room).

We suggest you use this trip as an opportunity for digital detox—the more you disconnect from your life back home and immerse yourself in our retreat and Bali, the more powerful your experience will be. You’ll get the most out of our trip if you plan to be “off the grid” as much as possible.

What will the weather be like?

June is considered "Dry Season" in Bali, so it’s cooler and less humid. Days are in the low eighties and breezy. Nights are in the low 70s. At our third stop, in Munduk, we’ll be in the mountains and evening temperatures can go all the way down to 68 degrees.

I still have a few questions. Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely! We love hearing from potential participants and answering any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us.

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