Now What?
Life After Cancer
by Laura Davis

School Bells Are Ringing

I am finally starting to get over my jetlag (which gets harder as I get older) and my post-Covid symptoms are subsiding. I am feeling more grounded and stronger day by day. Less than an hour from now, I will be welcoming new students to my Wednesday morning writing practice class for an orientation. And […]

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Home Sweet Home

I always feel so blessed to come home from a long trip to see my front door, Karyn’s garden, the house clean and welcoming, usually something warm cooked in honor of my homecoming, and all the familiar artwork and cozy places in our house. I feel blessed to have a home and a wonderful spouse

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I’m in Portuguese Spa Heaven

I have always been a huge fan of hot water: saunas, hot tubs, sweat lodges, steam rooms, steaming bathtubs filled with bath oil, scented Epsom salts or both. Relaxing in a hot bath at night is my top tier coping mechanism for just about every stress life has to offer. Twenty-three years ago, we had

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I Spent a Long, Dreamy Day Resting in a Tiny Village in Portugal and Here’s What I’m Thinking About

When Brenda Porter and I were talking the other day about running another Creative Camino trip next year, I was clear about my position—it was a definite yes! I wanted to do it again. But I hadn’t been the person who had organized all the logistics, who had sent those hundreds of emails to hoteliers

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COVID on the Camino, Day 5

I woke up at 5 AM this morning with a raw throat and a cough, feeling scared. Not that I was dangerously ill with Covid—though I was definitely still SICK—but because I was losing the sheltering cocoon and safety of the group. My plans going forward were not clear. My return ticket to the US

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COVID on the Camino, Day 4

My group just had their final art/writing class today and I wasn’t with them. I won’t be at tonight‘s final dinner either. However, they’re going to have a closing circle outdoors for an hour in the late afternoon/early evening and I will try to make that. I’m in my cozy cell/like room at the monastery

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A Respite and an Oasis

Today we walked 6.8 miles, about half the miles we walked yesterday. Piece of cake. It was so much easier, and so nice to stop earlier in the afternoon and get to relax. It was a much mellower day. The weather could not have been more perfect for hiking: warm with a little cool breeze.

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A 13.6 Mile Day

When we woke up this morning, it had been raining all night, so I assumed, as many of us did, that we’d be walking in the rain all day. So, we dressed for it, but then the rain never materialized. The sun came out, but it was never too hot. It was a perfect temperature

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