The Last Writing Group

This morning marked the final writing group for the Write, Travel, Transform trip to Peru. At this very moment, I’m watching my students, all of us crammed into the room at the top of the stairs at Casa San Blas. One thing about small boutique hotels like this one is that they rarely have meeting rooms. As a result, all over the world, I’ve attempted to teach in hotel lobbies with the phone ringing and the concierge answering questions behind us, in morning breakfast rooms where we struggled to get the music turned off and even out on the sidewalk in Hanoi.

I knew once we left our retreat center at Sach’a Munay that we’d have to make do in improvised cramped quarters and that’s what we’re doing today. After two weeks together, being this close to each other actually works.

Waiting for me to unlock the door.

Last class, close quarters.

I will miss this circle.

I will miss these diverse and wonderful students and their open hearts.

I will miss their stories and their honesty on the page.

I will miss their voices and the tenderness I feel every time they share their stories.

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