A 13.6 Mile Day

When we woke up this morning, it had been raining all night, so I assumed, as many of us did, that we’d be walking in the rain all day. So, we dressed for it, but then the rain never materialized. The sun came out, but it was never too hot. It was a perfect temperature …

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The Things We Carry

We have a rest day today—no hiking—which means it will be a day dedicated to creativity. We called our pilgrimage the Creative Camino and today we’re focusing on the arts. I’ll be teaching a three-hour writing class this afternoon. Brenda taught a great three-hour watercolor session this morning. I love doing art with her. She’s …

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I Walk in Beauty

I woke up at 5 this morning, slipped out of my bed at Hotel O’Cebreiro, packed my bags, and went out in to the darkness to walk through the town before anyone was up. It was chilly and misty and pretty soon it started to rain. I went back in to retrieve my raincoat and …

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Last Dinner in Madrid

Eating the hugest plate of padron peppers with Andre Mallinger planning our opening ritual for the beginning of our pilgrimage, our first day on the trail. We leave Madrid in five minutes for a long day of transit.

The First Writing Class

I just taught the first writing class of our Camino pilgrimage. I was blown away by the cohesiveness, intimacy, and presence of our group, right from the very first class. What an amazing group has gathered for this creative pilgrimage—what an amazing, as-yet-to-be-discovered journey we’re going to have together. And the tie-ins between writing and …

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Art on the Go

We started with art again this morning. I’ll be teaching our first writing class this afternoon, but we wanted to be out painting before the day got hot. When we gathered with our art kits on the street this morning outside our hotel, Brenda Porter handed us each a swatch of watercolor paper with one …

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Our Journey Begins

We just had our official orientation session. In the hours leading up to our 4:00 pm start time, I felt out of sorts as I always do before a retreat, workshop or new class begins. I took a nap. I looked at my notes for our orientation. I crocheted pink and grey ears for an …

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Flamenco Show

Madrid. Relax and turn up the volume and watch these amazing dancers. There are four different windows into their performances.

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