Home Sweet Home

I always feel so blessed to come home from a long trip to see my front door, Karyn’s garden, the house clean and welcoming, usually something warm cooked in honor of my homecoming, and all the familiar artwork and cozy places in our house. I feel blessed to have a home and a wonderful spouse to come home to. To have friends and community and all the physical beauty that is Santa Cruz readily available. I’m in that liminal in between space between travel and picking up “regular life,” right now struggling to stay awake on Pacific time when basically my body feels like it’s been up all night. At this point in the day, my body so weary, I can either go to the store and cook a meal (maybe a bit too ambitious today but always part of my grounding routine), work on my crocheted monkey or watch TV . . . with the end goal of staying up for at least another five hours.

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