The Amazon: How Many Shades of Green?

This morning we went on a canopy walk, walking through the rain forest and then climbing high above the ground into the trees across a series of bouncy suspension bridges.

It was raining when we left. I wore long pants, rain pants, a tee shirt, a long sleeved big proof shirt, a poncho, a fanny pack, wool wicking sock and a pair of borrowed rubber boots. I was hot and sticky and vey very happy.

Feeling poached inside my layers, walking in size 42 rubber boots in the rain, I hunted for shades of green while others scanned the rain forest for birds and monkeys.

Some of the greens I found: slick green, variegated green, muddy green, weeping green, slippery green, crying green, ripped green, wet green, moist green, quivering green, quavering green, two tone green, fresh shoot green, listing toward decay green, underfoot green, overhead green, canopy green, sun refracting green, mossy green, shiny green, wind blown green, dappled green, glistening green, dropping green, downpour green, sharp edged green, soft green, dripping green, underside of the leaf green, twining green, spiky green, petal green, broad leaf green, narrow leaf green, curly leaf green, underbelly green, crunchy green, mulch green, rotten green, uncurled green, pointy green, dull green, many shaded green.

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