Final Days

We’re in the last two days of our Bali trip. settled in at my favorite spot: Munduk. There are many stories and images I have wanted to share with you, the Wi-Fi here does not accommodate uploading very much. I have one post I’ve been trying to upload for two days!

For those of you who are wondering, my back is doing a lot better. I’ve continued to get some excellent massage treatments here and feeling pretty good! I finally heard back from the leather jacket maker. He was in Java where he is from, with his family. And returned to Ubud when it was too late for me to go back. Oh well. Another time.

Six of us will be traveling on to Java to see Borobudur, the largest Buddhist Temple in the world…but home is also calling my name.

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  1. Java and the largest Buddhist temple in the world? Lead me to it. I saw some awesome temples in Japan two years ago, but Java intrigues. Too bad about the leather coat, but glad your back is better.

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