Bali 2018

Last Breakfast in Indonesia

Chocolate dim sum. Just had to try it. No, I think not. Delicious muesli cookies. Crumbly and not too sweet. Orange juice, mango juice, kiwi juice, guava juice, coconut water, milk and infused water. This woman offers special herbal health potions, made from ginger, aromatic ginger, palm sugar, tamarind, rice, and brotowali (couldn’t get the …

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Sexism, Java Style

At the Sultan’s Palace today, Roy told us the Javanese philosophy of proper gender behavior. To be a perfect man, you need five things: Garwa: a wife Gria: a house Turangga: a horse Curiga: a dagger (symbolizes security in money, a job, in everything) Kikilo: a bird Roy said, “A man without a bird is …

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Morning Market

Yogykarta, Java Walk with me on my early morning stroll, just two blocks from our hotel. Coming to the market. 6:45 AM Parking lot. Carving jackfruit. Jackfruit remains. Fish seller. She had a beautiful smile and was very friendly. Chicken seller. Time out. Speckled eggs. Blue eggs. Cooked? Banana fruit. These are eaten, too. We …

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Sunrise at Borobodur, Part 2

After wandering down through all nine levels of Borobodur, Roy said we could either stick with him or go off on our own, meeting back at our bus in an hour. I immediately opted for my own freedom of movement. I love groups, but there are times I just want to move on impulse inside …

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Arrival in Yogykarta

When we arrived at the airport, several of us needed to use the facilities. When I went to the bathroom, it was empty. There was no toilet paper left in my stall (though there was a toilet paper dispenser), so I used the handy-dandy water sprayer next to the toilet that is found in every …

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Terima Kasih, Evelyn

Evelyn has been the most wonderful co-facilitator, roommate and buddy. Thanks for sharing this adventure and your prayerful ways, always honoring the sacred…

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