Take a Virtual Vacation: Bali 2018

In which Laura spends three weeks diving, exploring, and teaching in three regions of Bali.

Beyond Tumeric

The Munduk area, where we are finishing up our trip to Bali, is cooler and has the right conditions for growing many of the world’s spices: cloves, turmeric, nutmeg, vanilla, 11 kinds of ginger, greater and lesser galangal, as well as cocoa and coffee. The Balinese use every part of the clove for medicine and […]

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The Last Hike…To The Waterfall

If you have to depend on Bali trail signage to find your way, you’re definitely heading into sketchy territory. Check out all the pictures and captions. Uh…which way do I go? But luckily we have a guide, two guides actually. Surya and Ketut. Finally, five turns later, another sign: “Waterfull.” Arrow to the left This

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Ultimate Customer Service

There’s a bit of stomach upset running through our some members of our group. When I asked at the hotel desk what the locals do for the runs, they said “coconut water.” When I passed that news on, Evelyn went to order some coconut water for Pat. The waiter said, “I’ll climb up a tree

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Final Days

We’re in the last two days of our Bali trip. settled in at my favorite spot: Munduk. There are many stories and images I have wanted to share with you, the Wi-Fi here does not accommodate uploading very much. I have one post I’ve been trying to upload for two days! For those of you

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From the End to the Beginning

Yesterday, before we left Ubud for Munduk, we rearranged our entire day’s schedule because Surya told us that there was going to be a mass cremation ceremony at the Temple in the Monkey Forest—57 people being cremated at once—and that we could walk there to witness it. I’ve done this twice before in Bali and

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Arrival in Munduk

Arrival in Munduk in the cool mountain region of Bali. My favorite stop on our journey. Listening to a sunset talk by Surya on traditional Balinese healing and medicine while looking at this….and drinking a cold beer. Photo by Marsha Morgan. This is just a minute from my new room. Offerings to the Gods…. Sunset

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Dawn Report: Ubud, Bali

One of the favorite assignments I give my writing students requires a bit of sacrifice: waking up at 4:30 in the morning, meeting at 5:00 and walking down Monkey Forest Road, one long city block to the morning market. In the early morning, starting at 4, this market is where the local women come to

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