The Leather Jacket Saga Continued

When we got to Ubud today, I walked everyone into our new hotel, turned right around back out onto the crazy streets of Ubud, and one of our drivers, Budi, was waiting for me. Judy, who arranged our tour, had arranged for Budi to take me to the leather jacket store. I could have walked, but I wouldn’t have made it there in time to get back for our next group outing. So she got me a ride.

I was ready. I had the pictures (three angles) of my chosen jacket. I was ready to get fitted and make a deposit. I’d even thought about getting a pair of red cowboy boots made for my size 11 feet to go with the jacket with the red satin lining. I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots, but shouldn’t everyone have a pair of red cowboy boots before they die?

When we got close, I recognized the familiar corner. I’d been to his shop three times on my last trip to Ubud. I felt my heart quicken. Here I was having what I urged my students to do—having my own private adventure in the midst of our tour.

Budi pulled over and I hopped out. It was a very busy street. He told me he’d park in the lot at the end of the street. So I got up and went to the store. If you want to find out what happened, read the captions under the pictures.

Here’s the store: “costum made” leather.

First glance through the window.

No red leather boots, but I bet he could make me a beautiful pair.

Oh no! How can it be?

It says right here he should be open. I went over to the parking lot with a photograph of the business card taped to the front of the store, and Budi tried to call the number using his cell phone. But it rang and rang and rang. No answer!

So I wrote this note…

Wedged it in the door.

Now I just hope for an email.

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