Take a Virtual Vacation: Bali 2018

In which Laura spends three weeks diving, exploring, and teaching in three regions of Bali.

All About Knives

You never know where our guide, Surya, will take us. Today, on a three-mile hike through the rice fields of Bugbug Village, we happened upon a little table covered with a dozen implements with wooden handles, the top part wrapped in newspaper and twine. What were they and why were they here? It ends up

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Walking to Tenganan, Part 2

Today we hiked three miles to Tenganan Village, one of the most ancient villages in Bali—dating back to the 7th century—and also one of the wealthiest. Tenganan is a village enclosed by four walls and four gates and its residents are not allowed to intermarry outside the village. Tenganan is primarily know for two things:

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Journey to Tenganan

Here’s a little photo essay of our three/mile hike today to Tenganan Village. On the way we saw people repairing motorcycles by the side of the road, selling eggs, doing daily commerce. We heard endless roosters, barking packs of Bali dogs, scooter horns. We saw scooters carrying whole families, the mother driving, a barefoot older

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Leather Jacket Redux

For those of you who followed my last trip to Bali two years ago, you know that I had a major adventure getting a custom-made leather jacket custom made for me in Ubud. Well, that tailor did a fantastic job and made me a sleek, sexy black leather jacket. I’ve been wearing it and enjoying

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Now I Know I’m in Bali

Tonight, the last night before our guests arrive, Evelyn, my roommate and co-teacher, headed down the street to the town of Candidasa to look for a little gift for our students and because we heard there was a big religious festival tonight called Usabadamba. The Balinese, who mostly practice Bali-Hinduism, welcome Westerners to attend their

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Time to Get to Work

Poor me. It’s time to stop scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, hanging out with my kids, and writing my brains out. I’m now happily ensconced at the Lotus Bungalows, a much more upscale place to stay than the ashram. My favorite part is the fantastic outdoor shower in my room. The infinity pool, the ocean view,

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Acupuncture at the Ashram

On the little sheet of laminated paper that welcomed me to my room as a guest at the ashram, there was an offer of acupuncture. I found myself sitting next to the acupuncturist, a Balinese man about my age, at lunch yesterday. His English was flawless and when I found out he was the acupuncturist,

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This is my fifth trip to Bali, but my first time arriving on a domestic flight at night. And I’ve never arrived after an hour and a half boat ride, and two flights, both within Indonesia. Having been up since 4 AM, by the time I retrieve my baggage and meet my driver at 10

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On My Way to Bali …

I’ve just finished a 10 day vacation with our two young adult children, scuba diving at the magnificent Kri Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The underwater world was spectacular: white and black-tipped reef sharks, sea turtles, octopuses, giant schools of fish, gorgeous soft and hard coral gardens. As you can see by the pictures

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