Journey to Tenganan

Here’s a little photo essay of our three/mile hike today to Tenganan Village. On the way we saw people repairing motorcycles by the side of the road, selling eggs, doing daily commerce.

We heard endless roosters, barking packs of Bali dogs, scooter horns. We saw scooters carrying whole families, the mother driving, a barefoot older schoolgirl in the back and a sleeping toddler standing in between. Other scooters carried loads of giant plant stalks, a cart full of green coconuts, giant blue jerry cans on either side.

We smelled manure and smoke and diesel. Tropical flowers, jackfruit’ papayas, mango and starfruit.

Check out the photos and caption and come along!

Getting ready to hike.

Tawnya won the fashion award today.

One of the lotuses of Lotus Bungalows.

Rice field across the street.

Shade shack in the rice field.

We passed a number of small family factories along the road. This one made baskets.

Surya greeting an old man with a recycling bicycle.

His cart was full of recycled cardboard and coconuts.

Pig waiting for slaughter in a woven basket.

Bamboo drying. Will be used for construction.

Bottles of gas sold in a small warung (family owned store) by the side of the road.

This ficus tree is considered holy.

This shrine was in the tree.

Little boy playing a game on a digital phone in his mother’s egg factory.

Broken sidewalk.

Woman weighing sala fruit—snakefruit—for us to taste.

Here’s a close-up. Sweet and delicious.

Unfortunately, garbage by the side of the road.

Each village features a sign like this with an economic accounting for the villagers: exactly how their tax money is being spent. There is serious attention to corruption in Indonesia at this time. Right now the minimum sentence for any corruption conviction is 12 years for embezzlement, taking bribes, padding costs, Using government funds for purposes that were unintended. And people higher up in the government or in prison now for such crimes. Wouldn’t that be nice in our country?

Daily offerings by the side of the road, and on the road, everywhere!

These coconut husks are used for cooking fires.

We finally arrived!

And it costs 2000 rupiah to use the bathroom. That’s about 17 cents.

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