Last Breakfast in Indonesia

Chocolate dim sum. Just had to try it.

No, I think not.

Delicious muesli cookies. Crumbly and not too sweet.

Orange juice, mango juice, kiwi juice, guava juice, coconut water, milk and infused water.

This woman offers special herbal health potions, made from ginger, aromatic ginger, palm sugar, tamarind, rice, and brotowali (couldn’t get the translation).

Here are the raw ingredients.

Baby banana. I’ll miss these.

2 thoughts on “Last Breakfast in Indonesia”

  1. Melisa McCampbell

    You are a master of your craft. It has been absolutely delightful and instructive to see you at work. To see you experience the same world that I have experienced and then to see your economy of words, your sensory descriptions and your clarity in describing everything that I have witnessed and been unable to put into words. Your photographs perfectly capture the moment weaving with the words and telling your story And you do it all on the run. Already in the last eight hours I have said so many adventures and will spend the next several hours trying to capture it on paper. Thank you for a wonderful trip and a great inspiration.

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