Yesterday, at our all final group meeting, we each expressed our gratitude for something we personally gained from the land, the people and the culture of Bali—and from being part of our traveling community. Then we turned and said our thank you to the land.

Last night after dinner, the children of Munduk did a dance performance for us, a wonderful end to our journey.

Now our bags are being fetched and we’re saying our thank yous and appreciations over our final Balinese pancakes, made to order eggs and fresh papaya jam.

In an hour and a half, we’ll be boarding the bus for the airport. Most of our company is heading home. Six of us are going on to Java for a trip to Borobudor, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a small class on how the Balinese make their daily offerings. I wasn’t there—I opted for some bodywork at the spa instead, but our group’s dedicated photographers were there, so now you can be, too.

Photos by Marsha Morgan and Sarah Perkins.

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