One Hundred Reviews and Counting

It’s been four months since The Burning Light of Stars was first released into the world. My baby is four months old! And I just passed the milestone of having 100 reviews posted on Amazon.

It’s rewarding to read these reviews (I’m including a few of them below), but it’s been challenging to garner them—not because enthusiastic, grateful readers haven’t wanted to post their honest responses to the book, but because early on, Amazon blocked people from posting reviews if they didn’t buy the book through Amazon.

I heard from dozens of people who tried to review the book but got an error message because their purchases were “unverified,” not bought through Amazon’s channels (Amazon, Kindle and Audible), despite the fact that Amazon’s stated Terms of Use say that anyone can review products on Amazon, whether purchased there or not. Many readers, especially when the book was brand new, were turned away with the message: “unusual review activity.” I think this meant too many people were trying to post reviews!

However you feel about Amazon personally, it’s a critical market for authors like me, and reader reviews there (and also Goodreads, where millions go to make their book buying decisions) make a huge difference.

So, if you’ve read The Burning Light of Two Stars, could you take a few minutes now to post an honest review on Amazon?

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—just a few sentences sharing how you really felt about the book.

Here’s how to do it: search for The Burning Light of Two Stars on Amazon. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the review panel on the left side. Just click on the button that says, “Write a customer review.” Click on the stars with your overall rating. Add a headline and a few lines of text. That’s it.

It really makes a big difference—thank you!

And if you want to read what some of those reviewers have already said, here’s a selection from them:

“This book is a treasure, and I was deeply moved while reading it. Laura Davis is not only brave and generous in sharing her story, but the writing itself is stunning . . . . It is a gem and one of those books you just can’t put down until you’re done. As I read, I reflected on my own mother/daughter relationship and wanted to hold on to the experience of having read something truly special.”

“This book. I did not want it to end. Laura Davis with her brilliant voice and creative writing style is a class act. You will laugh. You will cry. You will dream about this book, and it will stay with you long after you read the last page. This is the best kind of book and I promise you: it will touch your soul in the best kind of way.”

“When I finished reading The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story — what a great, poignant title — I found myself crying. It is a deeply moving and fascinating book. Despite the strong differences between a daughter and her mother, their struggle to connect, and to remain connected, is heartwarming to witness and learn about, as it is to feel the love expressed between these two women — without disowning the challenging journey of their relationship. As a daughter who did not experience motherly love, I also cried because reading this book brought out mourning long left behind. Thank you, Laura Davis, for your courage, honesty, and brilliant writing.”

“This extraordinary book took me on a journey of a specific mother and daughter. And it also shined a gentle light in my own journey with my mother and my sister and brother. Laura Davis is honest, imperfect, and real—not hiding behind the healing her writing has brought to millions. I think you will love this book wherever you are on your life’s path.”

“WOW. I cried a lot, but in a healing, transformative way. I feel like I understand myself now and my mother better now. It was a beautiful book, and I really appreciated the authors candor, rawness, and vulnerability. I keep retelling stories from the book to my husband and friends. I’m so glad I read this, some of the best and most valuable time I’ve ever spent reading a book.”

“I loved this book. As an avid memoir reader, I would add it to my top 10 of all-time list. We’re all born into a family, each different yet each complicated and we will all identify with parts of this story. Also, we’ll all die someday, and this book is one of the most honest and loving accounts of death, grief, and healing, I have ever read. Prepare to read this book in one sitting!”

The Burning Light of Two Stars is available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook wherever books are sold. There are links here to buy signed copies, bulk copies, and to support independent bookstores with your purchase. You can also read the first five chapters for free.



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