The Weaving Collective

On our way to Cusco, we stopped in Chinchero to visit the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco, a cooperative established by a group of indigenous weavers in 1996 to preserve the ancestral textile that have been endangered by globalizing forces, racism and poverty. The CTTC “unites weaving communities to rescue, promote and spread traditional textile knowledge.

Founder Nilda Callanaupa says, “I have learned that each and every piece of cloth embodies the spirit, skill, and personal history of an individual weaver. Weaving is a living art, an expression of culture, geography and history. It ties together with an endless thread the emotional life of my people.”

Here’s some of what we saw today;

A beautiful piece.

We had a demonstration on traditional weaving.

The parasites on this cactus made a red, burgundy dye.

Dyeing in action.

Here’s the result.

Girls learning the tradition so it won’t be lost.

The girls start small.

The youngest girl was six.

The hands of experience.

From the rear.

Weaver at work.


Close up. I couldn’t decide which shot I liked better.

Senior weaver.

Dona Rosa is said to “have the patience of the world” for the finest finish work.

Founder, Nilda Callanaupa.

Stunning, made with all natural dyes.


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