Early Morning Tourist Market, Aguas Calientes

Both of my parents loved to take me to see things get set up: markets, the circus, seeing things before they actually got underway. This morning, we had a couple of hours between breakfast and our departure on the train. I have done zero shopping on this trip and so Karyn and I headed out to the tourist market to sort through all the tchotchkes and see if we could find a couple of gems.

When we got there, the market was mostly closed, and for me, that made it even more sweet journey. Here’s a little bit of what we saw:

All sewn up tight the night before.

Stores sheathed in plastic.

Rows of sleeping shops.


Double safety.

Not open for business.

Come back later.


Opening for the day.

In Bali, you can get a special discount if you are the first customer of the day. First price brings good luck to the merchant into the customer who gets a price break.

Almost ready.

Karyn fell in love with this shawl/sweater.

Lots of work on the streets getting the town ready for the days rush of tourists.

Lots and lots of heavy lifting like this.

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