All I want is a pedicure.

It’s my ritual for getting ready to go overseas on a long trip, something I like to do before any big event (like a wedding) or before teaching a major retreat. I’m leaving for Tuscany tomorrow and “get a pedicure” has been on my list for several days now. But it has dropped off my list every day. Instead, my life has been derailed by:

• My computer crashing in the middle of my zoom class this morning (while I was teaching) and having to figure out why

• The website creation for next year’s retreat in Portugal imploding because of lack of information from the retreat center that we’ve been begging for for many weeks

• My attempts to get a doctor’s appointment yesterday for bronchitis that’s been lingering for three weeks

• Two hours trying to track down a source for the medicine prescribed at said telemedicine appointment before I found out it costs $320 even with my prescription plan

Well, I could go on and on. But “finish packing” is still on my list and now I’ve on a What’s App tech support call with Holafly for 45 minutes, a company that sells e-sim cards so I can have data for wifi while I’m in Italy. Their website said was supposed to be easy—just the click of a button, right?

And I am teaching my last class tonight. It starts in an hour.

So do I feel stressed? You bet.

But you know what? 24 hours from now, it won’t matter, I’ll be on my way to Italy.

Florence, here I come!

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