A Walk in the Neighborhood

It was time to get a little exercise and test my lungs and legs this afternoon at 9000 feet and so I braved a tiny drizzle in my hiking sneakers, a pair of jeans, a scarf, a sweater and a light raincoat. I focused on all the textures I saw along the way because I don’t know enough yet to understand what I’m seeing. Come on a tour of my neighborhood with me!

I took this picture to orient myself to the turn back to Sach’a Munay. Turn left here and I’m home!

I always love exploring the local cemetery.

A lovely example of the brickwork you see everywhere.

A little market? It was closed.

I was tempted by this aluminum gate but a couple of barking dogs quickly convinced me otherwise.

Unfortunately, the influence of first world junk food is always found discarded on the pathways of the third world.

Pants drying in a drizzly rain.

A school perhaps?

I kept running into this woman carrying a load of what looked like grasses.

Cracked drain with rushing water.

I love doorways.

This is pretty typical.

Here she is again. The only thing I knew to say was “Buenos tardes!” with a smile. She smiled back.


The front of a taxi.

And the back, complete with a picture of Che.

Corn growing in a field.

A sweat lodge under cover. Most of the US visitors come here for yoga and plant ceremonies. A sweat is often part of the rituals.

Home, sweet, home. Time to hydrate and rest again!

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